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    Order Return / Cancellation Polices
For Designs from our Catalog:

Return Policies -
once you have received the package from us. 

  1. You must also notify us within three days with a valid reason as to why you intend to return the merchandise. We shall send you
      the step by step instructions as to how you should send the package back to us.

  2. You must ship / return the package within seven days of receipt. It should be unused and in the same packaging as received from us.  

  3. We assure full value of the merchandise will be refunded to you within 3 days once we have received the package back from you
      if everything is in proper condition. However, kindly note the refund will exclude Shipping and Insurance charges that were incurred
      at the time of shipping the package to you in the first place.

 Cancellation Policies 
  1. If you happen to change your mind and wish to cancel the order after placing a deposit, it is possible to do so.

 4. Once you have received and approved the samples, we will start the production process. (four weeks is the lead time)

For Custom Made Designs:
A custom order item is made according to our customers individual requirements. The materials and gemstones required to
manufacture your custom order are sourced specifically for your individual order. We are happy to custom order any design
for our customers with the following conditions:

 1. Please e-mail us your enquiry with pictures and whatever details you can provide for the designs you wish to get made.

 2. We will reply to you with the approximate quotations and terms of payment.

 3. After the above mentioned information has been accepted by both of us, you can send us the original samples to replicate.
    If, in case where there is no original sample, we can produce the sample from the pictures / drawings etc and send it to you for approval.

 4. Once the samples have been approved, we shall require a deposit to start the production.  (four weeks is the lead time)

 5. We will notify you when the merchandise is ready to be shipped with the pictures of the completed merchandise as proof.

 6. You will transfer the balance amount to our account and we will prepare the shipment till the amount has been credited to our account.

 7. We will ship the merchandise within the next working day and provide you all the required necessary documents.

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